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Handling guidelines as in the warranty card
  • Nandini batteries are guaranteed against all defects in material and workmanship. Liability under this guarantee is limited to making good and the defects arising solely from the use of faulty material or workmanship during manufacture and developing under proper use.
  • It is a condition of this guarantee, That the battery is returned unopened and with complete electrolyte freight paid to any nearest NANDINI Service Dealers in INDIA. Redelivery of the replacement battery (as the case may be)will be returned to the same point.
  • Recharging is not covered under the purview of this guarantee and this shall be billed at extra cost.
  • Defects arising out of faulty vehicle, electrical systems negligent maintenance. Incorrect charging and filling or improper handling of the battery by unauthorized dealers/auto electricians are not covered by this guarantee.
  • The maintenance panel on the guarantee card should be update in regularly as a proof of specified maintenance. Failure to do so is liable to invalidation of guarantee.
  • Bench charge is required for the Car which runs insufficient to maintain the battery.
Terms & Conditions for Tubular Battery
  • A loosely held battery vibrates and bounces causing damage to the container and the places.The battery should be firmly secured down in the cradle. Ensure that the cable lamps fit tightly and properly on to the terminals."Do not hammer down clamps on to terminals"
  • Terminal corrosion, dirt and moisture cause loss of power and make the battery weak.top of the battery must be kept clean and dry vaseline should be applied to the cable clamps and terminals."Never apply grease"
  • The cells lose water during use and excessive loss can damage the plates. The electrolyte level must be above the top of the separators.Top up only with distilled water, maintain,the level at the bottom of the filling hole."Never add acid".
  • Splashing of electrolyte could cause current leakage.keep the vent plugs tightly closed.
  • A faulty electrical system will immediately damage the battery.
  • Get your fan belt,wiring dynamo and regulators setting regularly checked.get your battery serviced regularly once in a month by your nearest authorised.
  • Old Battery disposal - Return the old battery and get paid for the old battery or shall be deducted from the new battery price.
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