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Rendering best services with distributors in more than 15 districts of Tamil nadu with dealers in almost all parts of Tamil Nadu. We manufacture Industrial and Automotive batteries used for Solar Cells, Railways, Power Plants, Ups, Inverters, Alarm Systems, Stand Alone lights, Automobiles etc. We manufacture batteries from 2 Volts till 12 Volts ranging from 20 Ah to 200 Ah both Tall and Bed type batteries. Each nandini facility follows the same rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the highest nandini quality standards are met.

We have more than 350 Nandini dealers all over Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry. For Any Battery Purchase inquiry Kindly call our customer Relationship number.

"9942511186" (From 9 Am to 6 Pm -From Monday to saturday)

We will fullfill your requirement through Nandini Dealer Nearest to your Place.

An automotive battery is a type of rechargeable battery that supplies electric energy to an automobile.Usually this refers to an SLI battery (starting, lighting, ignition) to power the starter motor, the lights, and the ignition system of a vehicle’s engine.Lead-acid batteries for automotive use are construction techniques that supplies electric energy to an automobile.
Automotive SLI batteries are usually lead-acid type, and are made of six galvanic cells in series to provide a 12 volt system. Each cell provides 2.1 volts for a total of 12.6 volt at full charge. Heavy vehicles such as highway trucks or tractors, often equipped with diesel engines, may have two batteries in series for a 24 volt system, or may have parallel strings of batteries.Battery recycling of automotive batteries reduces the need for resources required for manufacture of new batteries, diverts toxic lead from landfills, and prevents risk of improper disposal.
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